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study semester
standard study semester
every semester
1 semester
teaching language
English or German


Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Dean of Studies of the Department of Computer Science
Lecturers of the department

Assessment & Grades

entrance requirements

Basic knowledge of the relevant sub-field of the study program.

assessment / exams
  • Thematic presentation with subsequent discussion
  • Active participation in the discussion
  • short written report and/or project possible

Will be determined from the performance in the presentation and the written report and/or the seminar project. The exact modalities will be announced by the respective instructor.


course type /weekly hours
2 h seminar (weekly)
total workload
   30 h of lectures and exercises
+ 180 h project work
= 210 h (= 7 ECTS)

Aims / Competences to be developed

At the end of the seminar, students have primarily gained a deep understanding of current or fundamental aspects of a specific subfield of computer science.

They have gained further competence in independent scientific research, classifying, summarizing, discussing, criticizing and presenting scientific findings.


Largely independent research of the seminar topic:

  • Reading and understanding of scientific papers
  • Analysis and evaluation of scientific papers
  • Discussion of the scientific work in the group
  • Analyzing, summarizing and reporting the specific topic
  • Developing common standards for scientific work
  • Presentation techniques

Specific in-depth study related to the individual topic of the seminar.

The typical procedure of a seminar is usually as follows:

  • Preparatory discussions for topic selection
  • Regular meetings with discussion of selected presentations
  • if applicable, work on a project related to the topic
  • Presentation and, if necessary, writing a report on one of the presentations

Literature & Reading

Material is selected according to the topic.

Additional Information

The seminars available will be announced prior to the beginning of the semester and will vary by study programme.


This module is part of the following study programmes:

Cybersecurity BSc (English): Seminare Cybersecurity
study semester: 5 / standard study semester: 6
Embedded Systems MSc: Seminare
study semester: 1-3 / standard study semester: 4
Entrepreneurial Cybersecurity MSc: Seminare
study semester: 1 / standard study semester: 4
Computer Science BSc (English): Seminare
study semester: 4 / standard study semester: 6