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System Architecture SysArch


study semester
standard study semester
every summer semester
1 semester
teaching language


Prof. Dr. Jan Reineke
Prof. Dr. Jan Reineke

Assessment & Grades

entrance requirements

Programming 1, Programming 2 (in the same semester), and Mathematics for Computer Scientists 1 or comparable courses in mathematics are recommended.

assessment / exams

The course consists of two parts, which each have to be passed individually in order pass the course as a whole.

In the projects part, students have to independently implement a series of projects. These projects deepen the practical comprehension of the lecture material in the areas of computer architecture and operating systems.

In the lecture part, students must pass the written exams and work on written assignments and/or quizzes. Successful completion of the written assignments and/or the quizzes is a prerequisite for participation in the written exams.


Will be determined based on the performance in exams, exercises, and projects. The exact modalities will be announced at the beginning of the module.


course type /weekly hours
  4 h lectures
+ 2 h tutorial
= 6 h (weekly)
total workload
   90 h of classes
+ 180 h private study
= 270 h (= 9 ECTS)

Aims / Competences to be developed

Students shall understand the functionality and the most important properties of modern computer architectures and operating systems.

Furthermore students shall understand the design principles underlying their implementations.


1. Computer architecture
    a. Boolean algebra and combinatorial circuits
    b. Number representations and arithmetic circuits
    c. Instruction set architectures
    d. Microarchitectures, in particular, the design of a basic reduced instruction 
       set machine, and performance optimizations such as pipelining and caches

2. Operating systems
    a. Virtualization mechanisms
    b. Scheduling algorithms
    c. File systems

Literature & Reading

Will be announced before the start of the course on the course page on the internet.

Additional Information

This module is identical in content to the German-language module Systemarchitektur.


This module is part of the following study programmes:

Computer Science BSc (English): Grundlagen der Informatik
study semester: 2 / standard study semester: 6
Cybersecurity BSc (English): Grundlagen der Informatik
study semester: 4 / standard study semester: 6